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K P Dance Center is a family owned and operated studio proudly beginning it’s 31st year in business. It is home to the 1st Miss Dance of Long Island, Sandra Campagnolo Moletto. She, along with her family, have greatly expanded the studio while maintaining a warm and welcoming environment for all of their students. We invite you to tour our site and see all that KPDC has to offer!

KP Dance Center

Questions to ask...

Anyone can teach dance, but it takes a special person to be a dance teacher. Be informed befor​e you choose your studio. Here are some important questions to ask your studio director about your child's instructor: ​Is my child's teacher / studio director certified? With whom did he/she study dance? Has my child's teacher ever danced professionally? What is his/her background in dance? How long has my child's teacher been dancing? Has he/she ever been in a competition? Does my child's teacher belong to any professional organizations? ​Would you drop your child off at a daycare center without checking credentials? We didn't think so. Ask us these questions. We know you'll be satisfied with our answers.

Certified and experienced teachers at your service!

Come see for yourself why dancers of all ages fall in love with our dance teachers. Our faculty provides a high level of quality teaching to all dancers with an emphasis on self-confidence, team work, and the artistry of movement.

We offer all types of classes including recreational, competitive, boys and adult classes.

Mommy & Me

Ages 12-24 months

Experience the world of music and dance through creative movement, imaginative play, and age appropriate skill building activities. This class is a great way for children to socialize and spend quality time with their caregiver in a safe and welcoming environment.

Hip Hop

Ages 5 & up

One of our most popular classes! Students have a great time learning the latest dance styles. They will be working isolations and encouraged to add their own style to movements. All music as well as steps are clean and age appropriate.

Creative Movement

Ages 2

These classes introduce a structured environment while allowing children to recognize their own individuality and body mobility. Focus is on coordination and rhythm introduced in creative and imaginative ways. Keeping students entertained while learning beginning dance skills will help them to acquire a lifelong love for dance.


Ages 5 & up

An expressive style that incorporates basic ballet and emotional execution to the lyrics of the song. Feeling and movement combined are two important elements of lyrical.


Ages 5 & up

Just like the hit show, a combination of dancing and singing to your favorite popular songs. Professional choreographers and vocal coaches work with the students to fine tune their skills.

Musical Theatre

Ages 5 & up

Perfect for those students who love theatre and Broadway. They will learn acting, musicality, stage presence, staging and, of course, steps from their favorite shows.

Combo Classes

Ages 3 - 7

Recommended for children between ages 3 and 7 years. Ballet, tap, jazz, acro - take them all or just your favorites. Students will learn basic skills and technique while exploring their love of dance! A great class to experience a variety of styles and learn a little bit of each..


Ages 8 & up

A strong class based on fusion of styles which includes ballet, jazz, modern, and lyrical. This class will work on angles and lines, as well as emotion and presence. Styles of famous choreographers such as Mia Michaels, Emily Shock, Teddy Tedholm will be incorporated.

Funky Tutu

Ages 4 - 7

We have combined two of our most popular classes! Dancers, aged 3 to 6 years, will develop flexibility, balance, and control through classic ballet and switch it up for the creative and energetic moves of today’s latest hip hop.

Break Dancing

Ages 7 & up

High energy and free style. Working different techniques such as, popping and locking, six steps, freezes and much more. Awesome class for the students who love street dance.


Ages 5 & up

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. We recommend ballet as a great place to kick-start your child's journey of dance. They will learn positions, posture, the right technique, and terminology. We will also help our dancers with flexibility, strength, balance, and proper alignment.


Ages 5 & up

Basic floor skills from gymnastics. Tumbling, stretches, and stances are only a few of the exciting tricks and skills they will learn. Acro will also increase the dancer's flexibility and height of jumps. A great add-on for any dancer who is looking to perfect these skills or to show off their skills.

Stretch & Technique

Ages 6 & up

Great class to work stretch, technique, and dancer’s skills. Strongly encouraged for those with a dancing goal in mind. We break down and go over a multitude of fundamentals while showing the students how to advance further and take themselves to the next level. These classes will also incorporate isolated muscle conditioning, repetition, core building skills, and drills.


Ages 5 & up

Leaps, turns, jumps, stretching, and working isolations are some of the fundamentals taught in this class. We specialize in creating combinations of our learning technique to today’s hottest music. The class will begin with a warm-up for the muscles, across the floor, followed by leaps, turns, and progressions, and then finishing up with a combination.

All Boys Classes

Ages 4 & up

Specific classes with all boys enrolled. We are the only dance studio in the area that has enough boys to have separate classes based on their age and ability. These classes are taught by male instructors to make the students feel comfortable and easier to relate to. We offer all boys classes for tap, hip hop, and break dancing.


Ages 5 & up

Learning and deciphering different rhythms and sounds. Working fine motor skills, increasing footwork speed, sound clarity, and terminology are just a few of the skills you will learn in tap. Dancers will use their feet as percussion instruments, reciprocating the music through them.

Competition / Performance

Ages 5 & up – Audition Required

For the more serious minded student. A great opportunity to perform and work with some of the finest dancers / choreographers in the dance world today. We offer competitive classes for different ages, levels, and commitment. Our regional and national award winning teams have many prestigious accomplishments and winnings. One of our most proud moments is winning back to back BTS National Champions.

Hippity Hop

Designed for kids who can’t stop movin’, this class teaches fun athletic dance moves to age appropriate music that is sure to keep your little one hippin’ and a hoppin’.

Twinkle Babies Dance

Ages 2-3

A thirty minute introductory dance class containing ballet, tap and creative movement. Young dancers will learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. Engaging music is used to get these little guys inspired to dance. The use of props such as Twinkle bears and hula hoops, enables the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity and, most of all, have fun! 

Twinkle Stars Dance

Ages 3-4, 4-5 & 5-6

An age specific 1 hour class containing ballet, tap and jazz/creative movement. The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Dancers will also learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles. For example, all dancers will learn what a “plie” is and how to demonstrate one. The use of fun, age appropriate music engages the young dancers’ minds and bodies. The use of props such as hula hoops for the “freeze dance” makes the end of class the most fun!


Our tumbling classes focus on the gymnastics skills that are associated with the sport and activity of cheerleading.

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